DeptFord Medical Center


The answers to these frequently asked questions will give you quick details about your child’s health. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you want to discuss any of these issues.

What hours do you operate?
We are open from Monday through Saturday. Please contact to confirm office hours as they are subject to change regularly.

Do I require an appointment every time?
All patients are seen by appointment only. The appointment for your child will be set up at a time that works for you. Please make every effort to arrange routine checkups well in advance, especially for appointments in the evening or on Saturday. When a parent phones to make an appointment, we typically see sick children the same day; but, during particular peak winter months of widespread illness and flu epidemic, this may not be possible.

We have thus far resisted evolving into an “assembly line” practice, but this philosophy comes at a price. We do our best to respect the appointment schedule, but our primary focus is to give each child the time they need and deserve. At any given office visit, the most critical issue will be addressed. Multiple or secondary issues may require one or more than one ensuing appointment(s). You can help us minimize your waiting time by being on time for appointments and not requesting that a second or third child be seen if an appointment has been made for only one child unless the child is very sick. Please be sure to inform the front desk if an unscheduled child is to be seen. Kindly be informed that you may be charged an extra fee.

Occasionally, our doctors can be delayed by a call to the emergency room or the labor and delivery room. Please be understanding. Our front desk will try to contact you in advance to notify you of the delay and to make any changes to accommodate your needs, including rescheduling if that works out best. Please be sure that our office has your current home telephone number, cell phone number, and home address.

Can I use my health insurance with you?
Most significant insurance companies offer participation to Deptford Medical Center. We advise you to get in touch with our office or a representative from your insurance provider to confirm that your insurance plan is approved because participation varies by region, specialization, and doctor.

How can we get in touch with the doctor after business hours?
Our medical providers are available 24 hours a day. Call the office at 856-848-6346 and follow the prompts to contact a provider on call. Please be aware that after-hours calls are intended for urgent medical issues that cannot wait until the next business day. Referral and appointment requests will not be addressed via pager. Urgent calls are typically returned within 15 minutes; Non-urgent calls are returned within 1-2 hours. Please call back if you have not received a timely response.


If a problem arises, that can wait until the office reopens; please wait until regular office hours. As physicians and parents, we also value time spent with our families. To address those problems that cannot wait, however, one of our physicians is always on call to help you. We monitor incoming calls when our office is closed using a doctor’s answering service. Upon dialing the office telephone number, you will be advised by a series of prompts. For non-life-threatening emergencies, please press “0,” and an operator will assist you and contact us immediately. Please keep your phone line free and remember to reserve this service for truly serious or emergent problems. For non-urgent calls, please press “1” and leave your name, phone number where you may be reached, the age of the child, and a brief description of the problem. Please have your pharmacy’s telephone number available as well. You can expect your call to be answered in one to two hours. If not, please call back, press “0,” and notify the answering service operator, who will get in touch with the doctor on call. If you have a “caller ID,” we request that you inactivate it.


Can I ask to see a specific pediatrician during my visit?
Every attempt is made to schedule your child’s follow-up appointments and well-care visits with the doctor of your choice. Your child is welcome to visit any of our available doctors when they are ill.

How frequently should my child be seen in the office?
Our routine health maintenance visit schedule follows the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine guideline for children, which recommends many visits during the first two years. After age two, visits are less frequent. Nevertheless, even our older patients are regularly seen for routine checkups, not including sick visits. This allows us to focus on physical and intellectual growth and development issues. It is also your chance to voice your concerns about your child’s health and our chance to ask you any questions that can help us understand your needs as they pertain to your child. Patients receiving immunizations elsewhere must adhere to the age-appropriate routine examination schedule. This provides parents with the opportunity to ask us questions about their child and our office the chance to update the child’s medical record.

Which vaccinations will my child get?
We adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended immunization schedule to help safeguard your kid against several deadly infectious diseases. Please speak with any of our pediatricians about your concerns and questions regarding immunizations.

My kid needs specialized care. What shall I do?
For non-urgent referrals: when one of our doctors refers you to a specialist, please schedule your appointment with the specialist, then call our office within five business days of your appointment. Your referral will be available within 72 hours. Most referrals are completed electronically and submitted directly to the specialist’s office. Please check with our office staff to determine if your insurance plan processes referrals electronically.
For urgent referrals: when one of our doctors determines that you need an urgent referral, your referral will be initiated immediately. Please remain in our office while your referral is processed, then proceed to your specialist.

When will I get the results of my tests or lab work?
If any lab results need immediate care, you will be contacted immediately. The physician who ordered the blood work or tests will swiftly address any more abnormal lab results. Normal numbers are typically not disclosed, but if you’d like a copy of your results, call our office.

How can I get my prescription refill?
Please call our office and discuss prescription refill information with our staff. Allow one business day for all routine prescription refills. For prescriptions that require prior authorization from your insurance company, please plan ahead to allow at least three to five days for refill approval. For prescriptions of controlled substances, like ADHD medications, please call before coming to the office to pick up the prescription.

Does your method of treatment support nursing mothers?
Yes, we promote breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding babies for the first six months. Breastfeeding helps defend children against infections, prevents allergies, and protects against several chronic conditions. While experts believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants, breastfeeding may not be possible for all women. Some women have specific medical considerations that impede breastfeeding; others choose to feed by formula because of discomfort, work schedule, or lifestyle choices. In these cases, iron-fortified infant formula is a good alternative. We will gladly discuss your diet and feeding concerns at your child’s well-care visit, or please call during office hours to speak with our experienced nursing staff.

I just had a baby. When should I make the first doctor’s appointment for my infant?
Within the first several days following hospital discharge, we advise scheduling an appointment for your infant with our office. Our staff will do everything possible to schedule this first appointment as soon as possible because they recognize how important it is.

When should I introduce solid foods to my baby?
We recommend taking a number of sensible steps to progress your child’s diet in accordance with age and development because every child is unique. When you come in for well care, please go over these steps with one of our doctors.

Health and physical forms, medical records, and records of vaccinations.
Health forms for school, sports, or work can be submitted to the office for completion, provided the child has been examined within the last year, and vaccinations are up to date. Otherwise, a checkup and the appropriate vaccination(s) will be required. Please allow at least one week for these forms to be completed. A fee is charged for completing these forms, as forms consume considerable time and resources. A copy of the child’s medical record is also subject to a processing fee.